Tension Reliever Story in The Making

Well, tension reliever is built to my personal liking.
the first product i have ever built and i'm so proud of it.

Anyone who loves peppermint will easily love this one. I brought my peppermint diluted oil everywhere i go before the era of making tension reliever.

Tension Reliever is lotion based aromatic, with peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus and patchouli blend. that will give you tingling sensations after putting one or two dabs in the earlobe or temples during your hard days.

It's pretty much effective to shoo away boredome and giving you an instant relieving thru bad days.

Looking to its oil's properties, apparently it is also pretty much applied for fever down, as simple as rubbing on your sole during fever.

Please watch out caution to not giving it to baby under 2 years old as this therapeutic treatment is not design for them.

Hope you have a nice experience with tension reliever the way i do.