About GoodVibes Organic

GoodVibes established in Jakarta in October 2016. We started as a hand-made artisan organic and natural skincare and urban remedy brand.

GoodVibes is a genderless organic sensorial skincare brand born aiming to ease tropical skin condition especially for urbanites high intensity lifestyle.

Living in the archipelago made us to connected to nature. Along with biodiversity and tradition, our product range& treatment are inspired to use variety of the finest natural ingredients to deliver the best results for your body and skin especially in tropical climate.

Growing into a modern lifestyle brand, Good Vibes believe in only well-sourced of both plant-based and laboratory-made are being used, while proven records of safety and efficacy remain in the top consideration to formulate the products.

Innovation and uncompromising results are the guiding principal of our promise to you. We fully to the highest quality in all aspects our products and leave no room
to cut corners, as we believe every aspect of our brand serves a purpose.

The products become the representative of the brand and the initiative, continue touching many lives and their dynamics. Good Vibes develop what initially less than 5 into wider range of products that can be classified as Urban Remedy, Shower System, Skin & Senses, and Home Essentials.